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આજનું ઉખાનું-કોયડો

10,000+ Jigsaw Puzzles! Daily HD Jigsaw Puzzle Games to Play Offline for Adults

Jigsaw Puzzle Game is the most amazing and new jigsaw game for adults! Choose from beautiful and free HD Jigsaw Puzzles 🧩. New epic puzzles are added weekly. Play from 10,000+ HD Dissection Puzzles and have fun. Get ready to play the first competitive online multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game 🤩. It is the ultimate free game for adults and kids.

✨ There are different game modes for all kinds of players:
➡️ Get ready to play the first competitive multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game ever. The player with the maximum points wins. It's a brand-new way to solve puzzles 🧩 and something that promises to bring a whole new level of excitement to playing games.

➡️ If you want to relax and spend some time alone with jigsaw game, you can play solo jigsaw puzzle mode.

➡️ Upload any photo and make your own puzzle. Personalise and share them with your loved ones. Get creative and enjoy for hours!

📖 Guide to playing the best jigsaw game -
Select any game mode that you want to play and choose your favorite category. You can change the number of pieces in your picture puzzle 🖼️. Also, you get the option to play with pieces that rotate. We recommend turning on rotation as it makes the gameplay all the more fun. Now proceed to play, drag the pieces and arrange them on the board, it is as simple as that. Fit a piece easily into the jigsaw 🧩 by tapping and rotating it. Play and see for yourself why millions are playing this jigsaw game.

🤩 Amazing features of this game that will surprise you -
🌟 More than 10,000 free puzzles 🖼️ to choose from. Enjoy a large collection of the most beautiful HD jigsaw puzzles for adults and kids 🧒.
🌟 Endless picture categories to suit all kinds of players- Christmas, Beautiful birds 🦚 category, Dogs & Cats category, Castles category, Nature category, Streets category, Easter category, Planet category, Explorer puzzles, Animal jigsaw puzzles 🦁, Nature jigsaw puzzles, and so many more.
🌟 Accept challenges and play a variety of contests- puzzle solver, daily winner, chest lover, and more to show you are the true master jigsaw puzzle 🧩 player.
🌟 Endless coins, tickets, and rewards to collect for free.
🌟 You can keep images you like to play and delete the ones you don’t like so much.
🌟 Easily change the background display and play music of your choice.
🌟 You get the option to choose your avatar too and turn on the sound button.
🌟 You can change the number of pieces and play up to 840 jigsaw pieces 🧩.

🤩 Extra features you get in this game -
Create your profile and see your online game report and offline game report. You can see your rank, the number of games won, the total time spent playing, the win percentage, and the winning streak. Check out the number of games solved with rotation and without rotation, your highest streak, and the longest combo. You can see how many games you have solved and gold coins you have won by tapping the Achievements button.

🤩 Benefits of playing this game -
Playing daily jigsaw puzzles 🧩 is an excellent way to sharpen your brain and relax! These games are a great mental exercise. After playing custom jigsaw puzzles, you will find that now you have started giving more attention to details. You can even play this Jigsaw Puzzles offline as well!

Let us know which jigsaw puzzles Game 🧩 mode you love the most. What are you waiting for, play the hottest 🤩 new jigsaw puzzle games for adults and kids! Download it now!
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