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People sleeping with their mobiles on their side are making a big mistake, knowing the side effect will make eyes wide - Rajasthan PTET

People sleeping with their mobiles on their side are making a big mistake, knowing the side effect will make eyes wide

Keeping the mobile close to the head can prove fatal. Holding a cell phone close to the head for long periods of time can cause many health related problems due to the radiation it emits.

Keeping the phone close to the head can cause problems
Holding the phone close to the head can be fatal
Know about its side effects

There are many of us who do not like to keep our mobile phones away even while sleeping. People keep their mobile either under the pillow or near the bed. There can be many reasons behind doing this. The most common cause of which is falling asleep while browsing the internet. But do you know that doing so is ruining your health. According to the Pew Research Center, 65% of adults and 90% of teenagers sleep with their phones on.

Smartphones are the cause of tiredness and bad mood in the morning

But do you know how harmful doing so can prove to be for you? If you wake up tired and in a bad mood, your smartphone is to blame.

You must have heard that using blue-light screens before bed can disrupt your sleep. But there is much more to it. Let's find out how your phone is acting as a silent killer and ruining your health.

Sleeping with the phone can be dangerous

Mobile phones emit harmful radiation. Which damages your brain. Due to which you may experience headaches, muscle aches and other health related problems.

These are the disadvantages of phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation has been linked to erectile dysfunction. In addition, the blue light emitted from your cell phone can also affect the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, also known as melatonin. It also damages the body clock. Due to which there may be difficulty in sleeping.

What does the WHO say?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified RAP radiation from phones as carcinogenic to humans based on the risk of increasing glioma, a type of crocodile cancer.

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How far should the phone be while sleeping?

As you move the phone away the strength of the radio frequency electromagnetic field that is attached to the phone is greatly reduced. No specific distance scale is given, but it is advised to keep it at least three feet to avoid serious consequences

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