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DWARKADHISH MANDIR LIVE DARSHAN DWARKADHISH TEMPLE:According to Hindu tradition still extant, the earliest known conqueror of Okhamandal was Shri Krishna, called also Ranchodji, the eight incaranation of Vishnu, Who after his seventeenth battle with Jara Sangh, king of Magadh Desh, fled from Mathura, and eventually arrived with his army at Okhamandal which he subjected after a hard struggle with the Kalas. Shri Krishna established his capital at Dwarka on the bank of the Gomti Creek.

Krishna was succeeded by the great grandson of Vajranabh, who enjoys the saintly reputation of having built the present temple Dwarkanath, called also Trilok sundar, signifying ‘the handsomest of the three world’ Many Hindus religiously believe that the temple was erected in one night by supernatural agency, under Vajranabh’s direction.

Certain it is that whole of western and south-western Saurashtra, now included in a Jamnagar and Junaghadh districts was colonized by the Yadavas, whose most important leader was Shri Krishna. The Yadavas ruled and when they perished in a family quarrel under the influence of drink, and after Shri Krishna’s death Dwarka submerged under the sea. In this region the original in habitants are said to Kabas, Modas and Kalas, The Kabas and Modas now seem to be extinct but the present day Vaghers are said to have descended from the Kabas.

The Kalas re-conquered Okhamandal in the 2nd Century A.D next a Syrian Sukkur Belium conquered this region and during this time Dwarka submerged by the sea. He was driven out by another Syrian named Mehem Guduka. Again Kalas now know as Vaghers.

The history of Okhamandal upto 1800 seems to be uneventful but since this date, until their final extermination or submission the Vadhelas and Vaghers came up repetedly against to the British and the Gaikwads.

Kansa loved her sister Devaki very much, but during the farewell time of her marriage he listened to the ‘Akashvani’ (a voice of god) that Devaki’s 8th son would kill him. Due to this prophecy Kansa was frightened and in an immediate reaction, he imprisoned both Devaki and the bridegroom Vasudeva.

When Devaki gave the birth to a child, Kansa came and threw the newborn baby, one by one he killed all the newborns. Now the time had come for incarnation of Shri Krishna.

Shri Vishnu ordered His Yogmaya to transplant Sheshji from the foetus of Devaki to the foetus of Rohini. Ultimately the moment of waiting was over. The auspicious moment of the Shri Krishna’s coming had come. To relieve the earth, the Shri was taking birth. The whole cosmos appeared radiant. The Shri took birth from the Devaki’s foetus. Vasudevji saw that there was a divine child standing before him. There were Conch, Chakra, Mace and Lotus in his four hands. When Vasudev came to know that the Shri Hari himself had taken birth as his son, he was overjoyed. The prison was filled with Shri Krishna’s radiance. They got the intuition that the last child is not an ordinary child, It is the Shri, who promised to the world,’ I am born from time to time in order to establish true religion in the world’ Vasudev and Devaki bowed to the Shri and started praying. Now they became fearless.

Immediately after the birth of Shri Krishna the walls of the prison gave way. So Vasudeva could take away his rewly born child to save the entire generation, He carried him in a basket and went out. It was raining heavily. The river Yamuna was in great flood and its water was rising. Vasudeva wanted to cross the Yamuna and reach the other bank. He was wading through Yamuna, however, when the floodwaters rose very high, Shri Krishna touched the water with his toe and immediately the flood receded. The water made way for Vasudev and there after Shri Krishna was taken to Gokul to stay there incognito.

The same time Jasoda, wife of Nanda gave birth to a baby. Vasudeva kept his kid at their home and brought the newborn baby of Jasoda. He came back to Mathura and doors of prison closed themselves. When Kansa came to know about the birth, he rushed towards the prison and threw the baby in the sky, but this time he could not kill the baby, she skipped from his hand immediately reaching the sky, she was transformed into a divine goddess. She had eight hands, each having a Bow, a Trident, an Arrow, a Shield, a Sword, a Conch, a Chakra and a Mace respectively. At that time all deities from heaven started praising her. She told Kansa “O foolish! What will you get by killing me? Your enemy, who is going to kill you, is already born somewhere else.’ and warned Kansa that his killer was born at Gokul and she disappeared in the sky.

he story how Shri Krishna became famous as Dwarkadhish is very interesting and also a benchmark to the rulers. Though he was the king he ruled democratically. Jarasangha, father in law of Kansa, attacked Matura on seventeen different occasions and on each occasion under the leadership of Shri Krishna the people of Mathura bravely repulsed the attack. Krishna realized that the real strength of Jarasangha was his reliance on Hans and Dhimak who were on Jarasandha’s side. So with a great deal of foresight, Shri Krishna cleverly got Hansa and Dhimak killed. This was the policy of war. Shri Krishna had to fight the large majority of people who were materialistic and evil- minded. Jarasangha was frightened after the death of Hansa and Dhimak, and his army lost confidence.

Jarasangha, with great efforts once again built up his army and invaded Mathura for the 18th time. On this occasion Vikadru, a member of the Yadav assembly spoke the bitter truth, He said,’ Krishna, we have limitless love for you. We cannot compensate for your obligations on us. Yet these invasions are because of you. The civic life of Mathura is completely disrupted. Commerce and trade have been ruined. The people are not able to attend to agricultural duties and as a result the progress is hindered. And on the top of all, the danger of one more invasion of Jarasangha is hanging over Mathura. Hence in these circumstances, for the good of the people I request you to leave us. It is bitter but it is the truth. Please consider, Shri Krishna your followers are not sentimental. They cannot remain sentimental because of your teaching. Therefore, I as your devotee tell you the truth without fear. The entire assembly was stunned and silent. Shri Krishna’s father Vasudev supported Vikrendu in assembly.

Shri Krishna realized that the republic had to face many dangers because of him. And decided to leave Mathura. Thus he proved that he not only advised but also lived accordingly.

He advised Yadavas,’ I have taught you true culture. Live according to the ideals and impart these teachings to others. I will leave Matura and go to Dwarka, in Saurashtra..

Thereafter Shri Krishna crossed Gomantak (Girnar Mountain) went to Saurashtra, where he built Dwarka City (City of Gold) at a distance of 20 miles from Prabhas Patan.(today’s Veraval Somanath). Shri Krishna appeared to have settled in Dwarka, though his mind was engaged in re-establishing a kingdom based on the principal of true religion. This was his life’s goal. And he made Dwarka , the empire which is based on the principal of true religion, called Dharma Rajya in true sense.Where he become known as the ruler of Dwarka ,’Shri Dwarkadhish.’

The importance of Shri Krishna’s life and teachings was not limited to his contemporary period but is equally so to the posterity. That is why his birthday is remembered and celebrated today even after five thousand years. Not only vaishnavas (followers of vishnu – ÃShri Krishna) but also all those who are interested in his philosophy celebrate his birthday with great devotion. The philosophy of his life has stood the test of time.

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August 19-2022 (Janmashtami)

Morning Timings –

Mangala Aarti – 6 AM

Mangla Darshan – 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM

Abishekh Snan [Open Curtain Puja] -8.00 AM

Snan Bhog – 10.00 AM

Shrungar Bhog – 10.30 Am

Shringar Aarti- 11.00 AM

Gval Bhog – 11.15 Am

Raj Bhog – 12.00 PM

Anosar [Darshan Closed ] 1 PM to 5 PM

Evening Timings-

Uthapan Darshan – 5.00 PM

Uthapan Bhog – 5.30 PM

Sandhya Bhog – 7.15 PM

Sandhya Arti – 7.30 PM

Shayan Bhog – 8.00 PM

Shayan Arti – 8.30 PM

Anosar [Darshan Closed ] – 9.00 PM

Special Celebration of Krishana Janmahotsav 2022

12.00 Midnight- Janmahotsav Aarti

12.00 Midnight – 2.30 AM – Janmahotsav Darshan

2.30 AM- Anosar [Darshan Closed]

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