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Major Lakes Of The World - Rajasthan PTET

Major Lakes Of The World

In this article, we will explain to you all the lakes of the world in detail. In this article, all the lakes are divided according to their continent, which will make you easier to understand.

Africa Continent:

  1. Lake Victoria – The equator passes through the middle of Victoria Lakes. This lake is located in the middle of three countries Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. White Nile originates from Lake Victoria. is not part of the Great Wharf Valley. Victoria Lakes Africa is the largest lake in Mahadeep.
  2. Tana Lake – It is located in Ethiopia (Addis Abab). The Blue River originates from here.
  3. Volta Lake – It is located in the country of Ghana (Accra). It is the world’s largest artificial lake.
  4. Lake Tanganyika – This is the second largest lake in Africa. It is part of the excellent fault valley. The deepest lake in the continent of Africa. The second deepest lake in the world.
  5. Malawi / Nyasa Lake – This is the starting point of the great rift valley.
  6. Chad Lake is located in the middle of three countries – Chad, Niger, and Nigeria.

Note: The country of Ghana is trained for coffee production. Football is a staple in Deso. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of UNO, is from here.

Nil River – It is the longest river in the world. The length of which is 6690 km. Consists of Nil River / Neely River (boon of Nil River). Mishra Desh is called. The confluence of the Blue River and the White Nile occurs at the “Khartoum” place in the land of Sudan. Mishra of Nile River has been built in the country “Nasir Lake” and “Distillation Dam”. The Nil river descends and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Cotton and wheat are cultivated in the Mishra country by the Nile River.

Continent of Asia

  1. Lake Bekal: This is the deepest lake in the world, located in Russia ten. Laghughag 2 is less deep.
  2. Aral Sagar: This lake is located in the middle of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan ten. Sir Darya and Amu Dariya rivers fall in this lake. In this lake, Sir Darya and Amu Darya rivers fall.
  3. Box Lake: Located in the country of Kazakhstan, this lake is a store for copper reserves.
  4. Caspian Sea: This lake is the world’s saltwater lake. (Based on area/size) It is the world’s largest saltwater lake. The Ural and Volga Nadia fall in this. This lake borders Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan in five countries.
  5. Lewan: It is located in the country of Turkey (Asia). It is the world’s saltiest saline lake.
  6. The Dead Sea: This is the second-highest Lavinia lake located in Jordan (Israel). This is the endpoint of the great rift valley.
  7. Urmia Lake: This is Lavonia lake located in the country of Iran.
  8. Lake Toba: It is the largest crater lake globally, located on the island of Java, Indonesia.
  9. Crater Lake: The lake formed on top of dead volcanoes is called Crater Lake. ‘Lonar Lake’, located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is an example of Crater Lake.

Note: Chile (Africa) and Kazakhstan are the major countries in copper production.

The country of Chile is world-famous for “Chukimata” copper mining.

Australia Continent

  1. Eyre Lake: This lake is stable at a distance of 12 meters from sea level.

 The North America Continent

Great Lakes: It consists of 5 lakes.

  • Superior
  • Michigan
  • Human
  • Eri
  • Ontario

The Great Lakes connects you with the St. Lawrence River. It is the largest freshwater group in the world. Grab Lux borders the US and Canada. The 49th latitude line passes through the middle of these lakes i.e. this line is the Sima between the US and Canada.

  • The Niagara waterfall is located on the Sima of America and Canada in the Erie and Ontario lakes on the Sand Lawrence River. In the plow, the “Nick Waleeda” salt person of America has crossed with rope.
  • The beautiful Superior and Huran lakes connect.
  • The Eri Canal connects the Huron and Erie lakes.
  • The Welland Canal connects the Erie and Ontario lakes.

Note: World’s largest freshwater lake = Superior

Canada’s Major Lakes:

All these lakes are ice-rich for most of the year. That is, they are freshwater lakes.

  1. Great beer
  2. Great shell
  3. Athabasca
  4. Raider
  5. Winnipeg

Great Salt Lake – It is the third most beautiful lake globally, located in the USA’s UTAH (Utah) province.

South America Continent

Maracaibo Lake: Located in the country of Venezuela, this lake is trained for petroleum mining.

Lake Titicaca: It is located in the middle of Peru Bolivia, the world’s highest altitude lake. This lake is situated in the middle of the Andes mountain range.

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