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Standard 1 to 12 Home learning Video

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27/10/2020 Home learning videos

 Education department of Gujarat published daily home learning video for Gujarat government and private schools children.  This video is made for standard 1 to 12 students.  Daily Home learning video also available on DIKSHA platform and pdf format.  Home Learning videos are helpful for learning in corona.  We updated daily date to date video for students.

 Plz open this site daily for Home learning video.  And stay connected with latest updates.  Plz join our educational whatsapp group and get latest massage of Home learning.

 Standard 1 to 12 Home learning Video.

Std.1 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.2 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.3 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.4 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.5 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.6 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.7 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.8 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.9 Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.10Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.11Home Learning Video Click Here

Std.12Home Learning Video Click Here

 In corona apdemic gujarat government and education department of gujarat planned home learning material for children.  Teachers can support children for learning improvement.  Here 3 types of children available for Home learning.  One who has tv in home.  This type of children watch dd girnar amd learn lesson of all subjects.  One who has an Android Mobile phone.  This type of children watch video on mobile.  In mobile we provide two types of platform.  One DIKSHA platform and another Youtube Videos.  Watch daily Home Learning video from Below link

Home Learning 15 September 2020 to 30 September 2020 Standard 6 to 8 Time Table.

 The Gujarat Government sends daily home learning material on DD Girnar channel as well as Diksha application.  Home learning videos for standard 1 to 12 are posted daily.  This video is also posted via you tube link.  It is the intention of the state government that every student can study by watching the video through this link.  The timetable for the month of September from September 15 to September 30 has been announced by the state government.

 Here is the timeline of Home Learning Video from 15th September to 30th September according to the subject of Std.  6th to 8th.  As per the schedule of this time sheet, children can take textbooks and watch online videos and study.

 Every month home learning videos are shown to children on the television channel.  The Home Learning Schedule for September has been announced as every month.

 Educational videos are broadcast daily on Doordarshan DD Girnar channel as well as on Diksha application.  Every day a video link as well as a PDF file is sent by the government.

 Every day parents and children make their plans based on the home learning time sheet.  Information on which day the lesson will be shown is also available.

 Here is the Home Learning Schedule for Std.  3 to 5, Home Learning Schedule for Std.  6th to 8th, Home Learning Schedule for Std.  9th to 12th.

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